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We specialize in a leasing format.
Our leasing approach allows you to decorate
with a low dollar entry point.
No expensive upfront outlay for plants, containers,
or maintenance.
Simply put, WE LOVE PLANTS!
We are dedicated to the high standards of design and service.

We will provide you with a site analysis and complimentary
consultation and work closely with you regarding your budget.

Our trained staff will be attentive to your plant's needs and provide  
professional quality service to keep them healthy and strong.  

We will water, prune, clean, and fertilize plants appropriately.
Scientific studies have shown

  • Plants create a positive effect on employees by easing stress and anxiety thereby increasing productivity.

  • Plants help keep the air around us fresh and comfortably humidified.

  • Plants remove environmental toxins from the air we breathe.  

[Source: NASA]
We can also provide you with a color change out and a
Christmas Poinsettia Program.
Always Guaranteed Green
Indoor plant care service for your office or home
Serving San Luis Obispo County
Santa Barbara County
P.O. Box 534
Los Alamos, CA 93440